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Trinket Chandelier Mobile!

Make a Outdoor Trinket Chandelier Mobile! A perfect sun-catcher! Just happened to catch a storm rolling in, but the clouds were gorgeous! Take some shattered Marbles ... glue little bell caps to them... I had a surplus of silly little charms and thin chain... I used jump rings and chain and looped on some charms, keys, trinkets and of course, Shattered Marbles! I made rows and rows of chains! Old bracelet pieces...plastic crystal beads... I used an embroidery hoop for the structure. I linked the chains around the hoop and secured them with a jump ring...easy. A little wire to make the hanging device... Easy and my kids love the hanging sparkles! It's like a glitzy chandelier for the birds! Remember! Today is the other Full Moon this month...making it a BLUE MOON! Happens rarely, so go check it out! Linking up to THESE parties t

Shattered Marble Necklace and the Golden Snitch!

    Make some Shattered Marbles into a necklace! Use E6000 and glue Bell Caps to each marble.  This Gives them a pendant loop...  Hook on a jump ring and a chain...  For a darling delicate crystal orb necklace! We had one little wing charm sitting around...wish there was two... but alas, it made a darling little Golden Snitch necklace for my daughter!  Harry Potter is in our veins after listening to all the books on audio cd in the last year...   that is me, the 10 year old and the 8 year old. We even made Harry Potter Wizard Wands .   So, a Quidditch Snitch was definitely in order! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Make a Necklace Display Form

     I needed a form to display and photograph necklaces... so, being cheap, I improvised. I took some foam core and cut a shape...  Like a gravestone...that's what my family thought.  Using Elmer's glue...or mod podge...  I covered with pieces of kraft paper...I used lunch bags.   Let one side dry completely...  After it was dry (which doesn't take long here in the heat) I stacked stuff on it to keep it flat.  Then I did the same thing for the other side. I prop it up on an easel...  Ta da! Perfect for the display and photographing of vintage crystals... Or a cheap dollar store necklace that I love love love! Linking up to THESE parties this week!

Glass Gem Magnets!

 Here is what you will need: E600 glue Glass flat marbles scrapbook paper 5/8" circle paper punch rare earth magnets (these can get pricey, but they are worth it!) Punch circles of scrapbook paper. With a small dab of E6000 glue on the glass flat surface, press onto scrapbook paper circle. Allow to dry.  With another small dab of glue, press a rare earth magnet into the center. Let dry least 8 hours!  Perfect!  Any color, any small patterns...endless options!  Large ones are fun too! Linking up to THESE parties this week!