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How to Make Monarch Butterfly Wings

How to Make Monarch Butterfly Wings with xTool M1 Make the perfect Halloween costume butterfly wings using things on their way to the trash. I love upcycling, reusing and thrifting for the perfect costumes. These monarch butterfly wings were easy to make, took less than one hour, they look amazing and they were FREE! Aren't these the perfect little butterfly wings! My model friend was amazing and helped me model this Halloween costume for kids, which I paid her for her that was my only expense. Let me explain. FREE. I mean, that's loaded. Nothing is free, right!? I have an   xTool M1 Laser Cutting Machine , t hat's not a cheap investment. However, I refuse to buy a $50 garbage Halloween costume at the store that is nothing more than a glorified garbage bag. ($50 x 3 kids...$150 already!) Therefore, justifying a big purchase is made easier in effect. Buy the laser cutting machine...then make Halloween costumes, Christmas gifts, birthday presents, customized things

1060 Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas!

1060 Handmade Gift Ideas for Christmas! Handmade gifts are my jam.  I love making things for gifts. A handmade gift shows a person that you took the time, thought and foresight to think of them and create something you hoped they would love. Handmade gifts help you focus on giving to others, rather than the barrage of consumerism around the holidays. Making handmade is our family tradition and it's so much fun. They are the gifts we are the most excited to give. But with homemade gifts, they take TIME. They can be very budget friendly, but are typically not you need lots of time ahead to plan for the best handmade gifts. I have rounded up 1060 handmade gift ideas that I've posted on this blog over the last 15 years. They range in time, materials and intensity. Find the ones that work for you! You are sure to find something for everyone on your list! Which handmade gift idea is your favorite? Sublimation Glass Mugs Watercolor Gelz with Engraving Patterned HTV Shirt   C