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Sewing Machine thread system...

So, thought I would share with you my secret to success! My mom did the same thing...and I know why now! I went to the store to buy some thread for the sewing machine... a little spool of thread...I don't remember how  many yards were on it, but it was $1.94 and on the same rack were the serger threads... $1.94 for 3000 yards! Clearly...I want the best value for my 2 bucks! So, I got a small piece of wood from the scrap pile... as nice or not nice as you want Then get a wire coat hanger...hard to find  these days, I know! The hanger has to be tall enough that the thread comes off the spool without binding mine is 19 inches tall,  2 inch arm with a loop to keep the thread in place. Drill small hole for the hanger...and then hot glue it in there! Then hot glue your spool right onto the wood... I have 2 (black and white) When the spool runs out of thread, you can just  stack another spool on top. And there you go! Easy, and saves you money from buying small spools of threa

112 Slim Jims anyone?

I needed a great way to hold my copics!   I knew I wanted them to be horizontal to keep the ink even... That same kids were dying to try a slim jim... I caved and bought 1 container... Which got me thinking, they would be great for my copics! I rushed to the store and bought 6 more containers. (and yes, my neighbor saw me at the store with my cart loaded!) I covered them in craft paper and twill tape and then tied the 7 together! I grouped them in color families, and I am pleased to  announce that they are more full than pictured already! I love them! (the copics, I mean!  My kids are the ones suffering with 112 slim jims!)

Cake Stands DIY!

Here are some cake stands I made! I love this and now am constantly on the prowl for  fun candlesticks and cool plates!  Each cake or cupcake/bonbon stand cost between $1.25 and $2.00 Once it's summer, I'll score big at yardsales and  be able to make these for 50 cents or less! Here is the basic process: gather supplies: candlestick or cool glass plate of sorts E6000 glue  (some people use epoxy or gorilla glue,  but E6000 holds tight and is cheap and IS rated for glue to glass) gather supplies, have a good work surface Squeeze glue on the rim of the candlestick...and don't try to take a picture while you do it! Center on underside of plate and let dry overnight Waiting patiently... Still drying... Ta Da!  Fabulous tiered cake stands for your next party! Add bon-bons for the perfect touch! Now...what to do with all these cake stands? I have nothing on top of my fridge so I arrange them up there to look fabulous--party or not! Also, I think they would