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Christmas Ornament Frame wreaths!

I saw this on pinterest, bought a  BIG one from a friend, and just had to make a small one...or six! Take a frame, some colorful ribbon, some ornaments...  Hot glue the cluster at the top of the frame... add a ribbon to hang from...  And then find people to give them to... because you made so many! I might just start doorbell ditching people!    I love the non-traditional colors of these too!

Doctor Who related silhouette stencils!

I love Dr. Who! {here} I revised some Dr. Who fan art so it  could be used with my silhouette or as a stencil... I am using these for a top secret project...for now I'll share in January! I am such a GEEK! I know you want to make your own fan here! I lifted these from multiple sources  and changed them up a bit... Dalek...they are supreme You'll need your adipose baby...  Fun new logo...  Sonic screwdriver of course!  and K-9... Enjoy!

Cindy Lou Who...hairdo!

 ***UPDATED 12/03/12*** Cindy Lou Who Teacup Headbands and hairdo quick tutorial!   I love 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' Especially Cindy Lou... and although I am not thrilled about the story line  in the Jim Carrey version, I love the costuming... if you remember how much I love Halloween, you'll know we HAVE to dress up for every possible occassion! So, my daughter is always Cindy Lou at our Christmas Parties! And yes, she sings "Where are you Christmas". Here she is 2009         Here in 2010   Here's a quick hair demo! small bathroom cup...elastics...comb or brush...  gather large section on top.  split in half.  insert paper cup.  hide paper cup.  band it off right at the top of the cup.  add bows, remaining hair can be braided and curled and twisted up! {We did this demo super fast...take time to make it look exactly how you like!} I use gel or mousse too...

Ugly Sweater Inspired!

Last year I entered the "Ugly Sweater Inspired" card contest at The Greeting Farm  And I won! I decided to fill a 10 by 10 frame of awesomeness!  I wanted it to be busy! All the reindeer have sweaters too...    Lots of layers, glitter, details, papers, ribbons,  flocking, embellishments, you name it! Turns out, I liked it and decided to make it part of the annual decor! Also, I have 28 of those skinny black frames! they are 10 by 10" I will give you as many as you want...just let me know! you pay shipping...the rest is free!

Gum Advent Calendars!

I love advent calendars! These ones are made with dentyne gum!  Start by cutting a piece of paper to: 6.5 by 3.5" Score and fold... leave the spaces between as follows: 1/2", 2 1/2", 1/2", 2 1/2", 1/2" (see picture below)  2 packs of gum, labeled for each day...  Slipped right into the casing!  Decorate to your hearts content! Stamped images are from The Greeting Farm!       Happy count down!

Mustache and Kissy lips Binky covers!

This was my husbands idea 3 years ago... He said "if he's going to suck on a binky, let's at least make it manly!" No child ever got more attention at  church than this little guy!  Thus was born the mustache and kissy lips  Binky Slipcovers! These just slip over the existing binky!  Get some for a baby you know! (Here) There are a variety of colors too! {this was the favorite binky!  not irritating or uncomfortable} While I don't have a step by step tutorial,  I am sure you crafty people can make one too!