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How to Make Repeating Pattern Designs!

How to Make Repeating Pattern Designs! Learn how to easily make seamless repeating pattern designs using just a few simple supplies.  This fun papercraft project is perfect for making wallpaper backgrounds for the phone, your own design on fabric, vinyl, Valentines or printables or just for fun! Supplies Needed for Making Repeating Patterns: Paper Marker Tape Paper Cutter Scanner or Camera Photo Software (I use photoshop) Printer (if desired) Step 1: Draw Begin by drawing your favorite designs, art or images on a piece of paper. This can be as detailed as desired, but start with a simple one, so you know how it all comes together at the end. The pattern can be colored if desired. Doodle whatever makes your heart happy! Have friends, classroom students, family members or other designers work together on one repeating pattern design. Get creative and design your own fabric line! Step 2: Cut After the paper has been filled in with the desired design, use the paper cutter to cut the paper

How to Make Felt Fortune Cookies!

  How to Make Felt Fortune Cookies! I love fortune cookies! I love picking a fortune cookie and hoping for an actual fortune, but alas, a witty quip or odd saying. Make your own cookies and include actual fortunes! These colorful felt fortune cookies are easy to make and take less than 15 minutes.  They are perfect reusable play food toys.   Make a bunch of brightly colored fortune cookies for imaginative play, as a decoration, or string them up on a garland! These cute fortune cookies are perfect for celebrating Chinese New Year and work great as Valentine decor too.  They would make a great non-candy Valentine to pass out to a school class. Everyone will love reading their custom fortunes! Pick bright colors of felt and make a giant bowl full--or a take out box filled with felt fortune cookies! Supplies Needed for Felt Fortune Cookies: 4" circles of colored felt (these 4" squares are perfect) 3" strips of twill tape or ribbon 3.5" of pipecleaner Hot Glue/Gun

How to Make a Wrist Corsage or Boutonniere with Fresh Flowers!

How to Make a Wrist Corsage or Boutonniere with Fresh Flowers! Boutineer, Wrist Corsage, Corsage, Wrist Bouquet, Boutonniere--however you say it, this is how to make it.  Making your own floral arrangements can save you money and create a uniquely custom piece that you would have a hard time finding at a floral shop.   This technique is perfect for Prom, School Dances, Military Balls, Weddings, Mother's Day or any other fancy occasion that calls for flowers. The first thing you will need to do is acquire your flowers.  Local florists have the best prices on florals priced by the sprig.   Pick some greenery too, ferns, sprays, etc.   Get a sprig of baby's breath.   Pick about 3 to 5 fresh flowers depending on size.   Pick a carnation or 2, mums, or miniature roses...those are my favorite.   If you want these flower arrangements to last forever--or at least for a couple of wedding receptions, buy silk flowers and faux greenery for an equally stunning bouquet.   Supplies Needed fo