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5 Tools Every Crafter Needs!

5 Tools Every Crafter Needs! And the affiliate links for them. These are my favorite tools...I use them all nearly daily, and would buy them again in a second if they broke or got lost.   Do you have any or all of these? First, Good crafting scissors: I love these Softgrip scissors for big cuts And these micro-tip scissors for delicate cuts Second, a tape gun. I love mine and use it for everything!   The tape is strong and acid free. I get my tape refills from   (not affiliate link...but because this is really the best value ever!) I get 1/4" reverse wound 36 yard tape by the (144) case at $1.10 each And yes, I have purchased 2 cases since 2004. If you don't want to invest that much, get a pack of 12.  It's still a phenomenal price for that much adhesive!  I use it on scrapbooking and cards, paper projects and nearly every school project too! Third, a Guillotine Paper Cutter I have used every paper cutter k

Luxurious Dual Shower Head!

 Luxurious Dual Shower Head! Some of you know we bought a house and are heavy into renovations! I knew I needed a new shower head, its the easiest upgrade for a shower. And this dual shower head from Sears was perfect! I received this shower head at a reduced price in exchange for my honest opinion. This was amazing! My husband is so busy. I was so brave and decided to install the shower head myself. The instructions are illustrated and were simple enough for me to read, look at the pictures and do all by myself!  This is a game changer...he's going to be so proud of me!  I love not asking him for help on projects. All you need is a screw on fitting in your current shower. Like this one: On goes the nut, washer and water direction this. Reverse tighten the nut and screw on the head. Check to see if water comes out without leaking.  So far so good! Next, the rubber washers fit into each end of the hose.  One end screws onto the water direction

Magical Rainbow Cupcakes!

 Magical Rainbow Cupcakes! These are so cute and they were a hit at my Unicorn Birthday Party last month!  I am not good at making pretty food. I think I could mom made wedding cakes, so it probably runs in my blood.  But, I don't like making pretty food.  I feel like it's a shame because you just eat it or it goes bad.  I'd rather put my efforts in something that will last...that's kind of how I feel. I do love making simple cupcakes for parties though!   I use a cake mix for the cupcakes. I can make my own frosting. I know some tricks...I can't wait to show you! And, I like simple.  These are cute and could be done with store bought cupcakes. Easy peasy and adorable! We made a big batch of cupcakes...some chocolate and vanilla. Also, we got these rainbow sour belts treats at the Dollar Tree! They aren't there all the time, so if you see them, stock up!  I mixed up a big batch of buttercream frosting. It's easy. 1 cube