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Hair Hair Bows!

 Hair Hair Bows! A perfect summer time or back to school updo! Great for lazy days...doesn't take much more work than a ponytail or a bun!  Popularized by Miss Lady Gaga, this is a hit with tweens and teens too! It's easy to do on yourself, doesn't take much skill... and it's totally ATTENTION getting!  Easy. All you need is: A brush/comb Hair elastic Bobby pins...about 6 to 8 and Hair spray  And some hair! (she's got long hair, but this style works as long as you can get your hair into a little ponytail bun)  Make a high ponytail...right on the top of the head.  Wrap it 2-3 times and on the final wrap, Don't pull all the hair through...making a ponytail bun.  Like this.  Fluff it up a little...using most of the hair.  But leaving a tail of hair hanging in the front of your face. Split the bun in half...  Take the remaining hair hanging in the front and wrap it up and over the center of the spli

Color Coded Sodoku Game!

 Color Coded Sodoku Game! Have you guys ever played Sodoku? I hate it...I mean look at this confusion!  Okay, so basically the numbers 1-9 are used... but only one time each in an entire row (vertical & horizontal) and only once in each box of 9. Confusing! Well, my adorable parents came up with a fabulous solution! Color coded.  Genius! This makes it a fun game for the entire family to play together. Doesn't matter what side of the board you are sitting on! First off you need a blank grid. Right click to save off and print!  (I laminated mine) Now you need glass gem pebbles. We got combo bags at Michael's and Hobby Lobby. 9 different colors. Then each color is representing a value...doesn't really matter which is which. But we go in rainbow order: Red=1, orange=2, yellow=3, green=4, blue=5, purple=6, brown=7, white=8 and gray=9 Then you'll need to set up the board...get an easy book at the dollar store and go off of that...or just get

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Wontons

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Wontons You'll need: wonton wrappers chocolate peanut butter banana Put a dab of pb on the wonton. (you could use nutella and skip the pb and chocolate... but my son is allergic to pb it is) Add a thin banana slice Add a couple chocolate chips Dip your finger in water and run a strip of water on the edges... then fold over and press the edges together. Place on a baking sheet. Bake in the oven for about 5 minutes at 350* F on each side. Just watch them until they brown and then turn them over. Yummy, sweet and crispy...and not fried! This post published on Doodlecraft first

Quilled Paper Cards!

Quilled Paper Cards! Quilling is not for the faint of heart! It takes forever!  But it is so cute! Check out this rolled paper frame we did a few months back. I used Astrobrights paper and layered black, white and blue. Added some torn green at the grass And then cut strips of 1/8" paper. We used a quilling tool. ( Wholeport has tools and precut paper as well as kits ready to go) The paper is inserted into the quilling tool slit... And then twisted around tightly. Then the paper can be glued...removed and used! The petals were pinched on one side to make a tear drop shape. Cuttlebug has made some quilling flower kit dies, and my sister got me one for my birthday. (these are way faster than just quilling) You cut the paper with the die and roll it up! Then glue it... And gently press the petals down! Fast and pretty! My daughter did the little was tedious for her. And then just glued them onto the c