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Cricut Vinyl Trick-or-Treat Wood Circle Sign DIY

Cricut Vinyl Trick-or-Treat Wood Circle Sign  DIY! Make a darling Trick-or-Treat wood circle sign with Cricut machine and vinyl to hang up for the holidays. This wood circle sign is the hottest new trend alternative to a wreath...and easy to make. Make two of them and sell one--that will cover the cost of making them!  Check out this post for starting a Cricut Business from home. Supplies Needed for Circle Wreath Sign: Wood Circle Palette Orange Folk Art Acrylic Craft Paint Paintbrush Greenery Buffalo Check Ribbon Cricut Machine Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape Hot Glue/Gun Step 1: Paint the Wood Circle Sign Begin by painting one or 2 of the lower slats. I painted one single slat in vivid orange paint and left the rest of the wood raw. I love light pine. Step 2: Tie a Bow Now use some of the buffalo check ribbon and tie a cute bow. I like using wire edged ribbon, so it can hold a little scrunched look. Placing it on the wood circle made me feel like it needed something more. Step 3: Cut the

How to Cast Skeleton Key in Clear Resin

How to Cast Skeleton Key in Clear Resin Skeleton keys are my favorite, they remind me of secret doors. Create an amazing skeleton key necklace with resin for an especially fun steampunk flare accessory. This project takes just a few supplies and a little time. Let’s get started! This fun skeleton key necklace would make a great gift or a great addition to a Halloween costume. SUPPLIES NEEDED: Enviortex Jewelry Resin Resin Mold Skeleton Key Heat Gun or Mini Torch Mixing Cups, Stirring Sticks, Disposable Gloves Drill and Bit Jump Ring, chain and jewelry pliers Begin by mixing the resin according to the package instructions in the 2 phase process. Mix just a small amount of resin, about 1 teaspoon of the resin and 1 teaspoon of hardener. After mixing the resin, pour a small layer into the jewelry mold.  Next, use a heat gun or torch to pop any of the bubbles that have formed. Then set the mold aside for about 2-3 hours. After a few hours the resin

String Art Halloween Pumpkin with Oriental Trading!

String Art Halloween Pumpkin with Oriental Trading! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the fun decorations and costumes. Make a darling string art pumpkin for the perfect Halloween decoration. Oriental Trading has everything needed for Halloween, parties and every holiday!  Use Code: SPOOKSQUAD20 for Free Shipping on orders $39+ This would make a great Halloween kids craft too! Let's get started! Supplies Needed for String Art Pumpkin: Craft Foam Pumpkin Panel Board Nails Hammer Black Embroidery Floss Marker Step 1: Dot the Pattern Begin by using the marker on the pumpkin to dot out where you want nails placed. I simply wrote out the word "BOO", so the dots were easy to place. Step 2: Hammer Nails Next, hammer panel nails into the pumpkin gently. The pumpkin is sturdy and firm and holds the nails well. Leave 1/4 inch of the nail sticking out. Step 3: Embroidery Floss Now get black embroidery floss to wrap around the nails. Begin by tying a knot at the end of the f