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Acrylic Paint Pour Skin Pendant Necklace with Resin

 Acrylic Paint Pour Skin Pendant Necklace with Resin.      Mixing and pouring out acrylic paint on a canvas to make stunning works of art is so fun.  Paint pours are such a great way to make big wall art for home decor.  Place a plastic tablecloth or garbage bag on your work surface, raise the canvas off the table with cups or soup cans...then pour the paint all over the canvas and let it run off the sides.  Once the paint dries the canvas is gorgeous...and the residue of the paint drips are equally impressive!  Instead of tossing them in the trash, upcycle them into stunning jewelry!      Here's some posts on Acrylic Paint pouring, it's a great craft, even for kids--no age discrimination!  Paint pouring is super popular and easy to do.  Just mix paint with a pouring medium like flotrol and then pour all the colors of paint in one cup.  Pour out all over canvas or tray and let the paint dry as slowly as possible for the best results.  After the paint dries it will l

Acrylic Pouring Abstract Painting on Organizer Caddy DIY

Acrylic Pouring Abstract Painting on Organizer Caddy DIY! Have you tried Acrylic Pouring yet? This is a super fun and trending craft and it's perfect for beginners too! Acrylic pouring/painting is just that---pouring out acrylic paint onto a surface! It's a great way to create abstract pieces using the colors you love. This utensil caddy is perfect for parties or keeping things organized--great to fill with back-to-school supplies to keep your desk organized too! Paint pouring is a simple technique and doesn't take a lot of supplies to get started. Just try it, you will love it.   This post is sponsored by Plaid . Supplies for this project are from Target! Using Delta Ceramcoat acrylic craft paint and Handmade Modern wood blanks. I picked this utensil caddy and knew a 3D paint pour would be an impressive way to finish it off. Head off to your nearest Target and see the fun collection of wood surfaces and colorful paints! Here's the process sped up