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How to Engrave an Acrylic Ornament!

How to Engrave an Acrylic Ornament! Let me show you how to hand engrave an acrylic ornament with no expensive and big machinery needed. Add custom lettering, dates, and art to metal, stone, plastic, glass and wood! Make a custom engraved acrylic ornament for everyone on your list--makes a really great gift tag too! Let's talk about these clear acrylic ornaments: My xTool S1 laser cutter  (diode laser) is awesome and can cut some colors of acrylic, but not clear. I found a supplier of acrylic blanks that made this craft so much easier. Soto Laser Cutting  is the best source for bulk acrylic shapes, cut outs, keychains and more. They'll cut any color of acrylic, any size and they have tons of popular shapes. They also do custom engraving and printing, so you can get all the custom work done without the work. I'm using the Night Ornament in clear , 2 inch width. ( They do glitter ornaments too! ) These are available in bulk orders of 25+ so they are perfect for company, church

5 Ways to Display Diamond Art

5 Ways to Display Diamond Art Have you done Diamond Art before? It's basically a "paint by number" canvas that you stick shiny rhinestones to instead of paint. Diamond art comes in all kinds of patterns and sizes. The process of making them is fun and relaxing...but what to do with them when they are finished? Here's 5 ways to display diamond art paintings. My friend did these 4 diamond art pieces for me and they are spectacular amounts of precision and time. I thought I'd showcase a few ways to finish off a piece to show it to the world! Here's some fun diamond art kits: Beach Sunsets Colorful Animals Modern Color blocked Mountains I'm going to show you 5 ways to finish off and display your Diamond Art! Roll Scroll Frame Journal Tray Diamond Art Display Number 1: Roll Okay, this isn't really a great way to "display" diamond art, but it is a good way to store it. Just loosely roll up the diamond art painting, with the diamonds facing inside t