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How to Make Money Crafting

Learn How to Make Money Crafting from Home! Turn your favorite past time into a part time side hustle! Everyone wants to make a little extra spending money this time of year. I know that I love "paying off" my supplies by selling some of the things I make, this way they are paying rent to take up space on my desk, floor, table, spilling out of my craft room, etc. Do you have to turn everything you love into a side hustle? No. Of course not. If you don't want to, this post isn't for you...just go craft something wonderful. If you are excited about the possibilities of the things you love making also making you an income, this post is for you. Let's start by answering a few simple (but impossible) questions: What to sell? How to sell? Where to sell? How much to sell for? What to Sell? What are you passionate about? What do you love to make? If you make candles, that's a great product to start with. If you do custom vinyl, start there. The best thing to do is sta

Lightwish UV Colorful Resin Pendants

How to Make Lightwish UV Colorful Resin Pendants Lightwish has completely changed the resin game with their new UV Colored Resin! This amazing resin totally hardens in mere minutes under a UV light and it comes colored. No fussy mixing or stirring or waiting. It's seriously a game changer! Lightwish UV Colorful Resin  (6 pack) Lightwish UV Colorful Resin (8 pack) I received the 8 pack Lightwish UV Colorful Resin in exchange for this post. I'm super impressed. After years of working with resin, this was the fastest and most convenient! I hope they make more resin colors too! I've done 100's of resin projects ( see this post here ) and I have used so many kinds of resin. It's involved. It means careful measuring, cautious mixing, removing bubbles and patiently waiting for it to set up completely. I was thrilled to try some UV resin for the first time, and the color just makes it one step cooler. Perfect for thin layer application, about 1/4" or so. These colorfu

How to Start a Laser Cutting Business

How to Start a Laser Cutting Business Are you thinking of starting a laser cutting business? Laser cutting can be a very lucrative line of work, it can also be overwhelming. So I'm sharing everything you need to know to start a laser cutting business. Let's start this conversation saying I'm not a laser cutting expert. I have one laser cutting machine, the  xTool M1 10W Deluxe RA2 Pro  and I absolutely love it! I work with xTool and have affiliate links in this post, however, I am doing my best to make this post very subjective and unbiased. If you purchase from my links, thank you so much, that's how I can keep offering so much information! Check out this  xTool Small Business Guide xTool Machines: CO2 Laser xTool P2 Machine xTool F1 Portable Laser Cutter xTool S1 20W or 40W xTool M1 10W Deluxe RA2 Pro  (this is the one I have!) I'm not running a full time business with my laser cutting. However, I DO know a lot about running a small business, and a creative one a