Rock Pet Magnets for Locker Organization DIY

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Rock Pet Magnets for Locker Organization back to school 5 minute craft DIY

Rock Pet Magnets for Locker Organization DIY 

When I was in 5th grade I made lots of rock pets. Rock pets are adorable and easy to care for. They are smooth stones with googly eyes attached...and trust me, they are a hit amongst the kids. My pet rock was about the size of an avocado and I named her Petra. They are fun to make and are virtually a 5 minute craft DIY. Perfect for organizing the locker or fridge with memos and important papers. 
Rock Pet Magnets for Locker Organization back to school 5 minute craft DIY
 This amazing variety pack was sent to me by DAP in exchange for this post.

Back-to-School Organization + Personalization Giveaway” Prize Pack Contents:

·         12x12 double-sided letter board (felt letter side and chalkboard!)
·         Brother P-Touch Cube Smart Bluetooth Label Maker
·         Expandable bamboo drawer organizer
·         Magnetic dry erase calendar
·         Desk organizer project – perfect for home or a teacher appreciation gift:
o   Mosaic crafting tiles
o   Plastic portable pencil holder/desk organizer
·         DAP samples: RapidFuse Plastic Primer Kit, DAP RapidFuse All Purpose
o   DAP’s latest release, DAP® RapidFuse™ Plastic Primer Kit, is the quick-fix glue everyone needs on hand. No matter the repair – rubber, metal, glass, wood, plastic – this new kit offers a fast and flawless repair bonding effectively anything and everything, including all plastics!

This P-Touch Cube is awesome, it connects with a device through bluetooth. Then enter the text or emoji's and print! Super Easy!
 Print out and organize all the things. I'm super excited about this, I have a bunch of things that need labels.
 And these little printouts make a great tag for these little rock pet magnets.

Supplies Needed:

Smooth small Rocks
Googly Eyes
DAP Rapid Fuse
The Rapid Fuse is very adhesive and should only be used by an adult. Just add a small circle of Rapid Fuse to the magnet and stick it to the backside of the rock. Allow it to sit still for about 30 seconds. This stuff dries FAST!
 Then add the tiniest amount to the back of a googly eye.
Then place them on the top of the rocks...however you want! You can add paint and customize them with faces or bright colors...but mine are natural. Seriously, takes 5 minutes even with setting up the label maker!
 Add an encouraging tag and give them to a student that needs a pet.
 Alright, I know you are anxious to make your own Rock Pet Magnets, so enter this amazing Giveaway! Good luck!!!
Must be 18 or older, US Residents only.

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Make Rock Pet Magnets for Locker Organization as a "back to school" 5-minute craft DIY

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Laura said…
I would love to surprise my kids with a couple of these in their lunch boxes!
Xayide2 said…
Organizing tip? Seriously, put back whatever you got out in the same place when you're done with it.
Jeremy said…
Get rid of clutter.