Make Rice Using a Pressure Cooker!!!

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 Make Rice Using a Pressure Cooker!!!
I received a fabulous Magic Mill Programmable Electric pressure cooker
 at a very reduced price to test out in exchange for my review!

I got the 10 quart size, not the 12...and it seems more than adequate for my family of 5.
It comes with a the pressure pot, the stainless steel inside cooking bowl,
an extra rubber ring for sealing, 2 varying trivets, measuring cup and spoon, and big tongs for removing cooking bowl.
And the directions booklet, totally tells you all the details on how to work
 the machine and all the troubleshooting, just in case!
I added 2 cups of rice.
Then 4 cups of water.
Set and twisted the lid on and in place
Pushed the "Rice" button and done!
Just press rice, it will begin to pressurize and then the timer
 will start once the pressure has been reached.
If it steams and squeals like a teapot, it's not sealed correctly.
So use a hot pad to tighten the valve on top of the lid and make sure it is sealed.
It did not take much for mine to seal and all the steam to stop venting.
When it's finished, it beeps 3 times and goes to bb mode
which will keep it warm until you are ready.
Then turn the valve on the lid to vent out all the steam.
Then remove the lid.
The rice was perfection.  And it was super fast!
I know, I know, rice on the stove top only takes about 20 minutes.
But this was so simple to just start and go on with my day.
The rice was fabulous!
There is no end to the things you can cook in a Pressure Cooker!
Like even hard boiling eggs...those need a steamer basket, which isn't included.
but I'm going to try my steamer and see how it works.
I'll let you know!
Oh, it also has a "Slow Cooker" setting, so you can use it as just a slow cooker!
It's programmable and easy to set in the morning so it will go off at the desired time
and be ready for dinner! can cook beans.  Beans from the hard small beans to big fluffy beans in 40 minutes.
That is a huge time saver!
Have you used a Pressure Cooker?
Please give me all your tips or favorite recipes!!!

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