Gold Faceted Flapper Necklace!

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Gold Faceted Flapper Necklace!
Make an extra long faceted bead necklace!
I received all these Jewelry Making Supplies from PandaHall in exchange for this review/tutorial!
 You will need:
10mm Half Plated Electropate Gold Beads
6mm Half Plated Electroplate Gold Beads
4mm Half Plated Electroplate Gold Beads

Brass Eyepins
You will also need jewelry pliers

I love these half electroplated beads...just half of them is gold
The other half looks shiny silver and crystal like.
I work on a beading board.
Just cut open each string of beads and put them in separate little piles.
 Just place a random bead arrangement on an eyepin...
clip the end of the eyepin to about 1/2 inch and loop it around the round jewelry pliers.
This makes the perfect round loop.
 The next section gets looped right onto the last eyepin...and repeat!
 I wanted mine to be an extra long necklace.
I used about 40 eyepins.

 I love the gold and the vibrate crystal colors!
This is a classy statement necklace!
It's extra long.
I usually double it when I wear it.
 It's glamorous and gorgeous!
Check out the variety of Glass Beads from PandaHall for more inspiration!

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