Chocolate Thin Mints with Key Ingredient HD Tablet!

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 Chocolate Thin Mints with Key Ingredient HD Tablet!
I was sent a wonderful gift!
I was sent the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader HD Tablet and stand.
It's $399 regularly, but you can get it for only $279 using the code:  RRHD30
This was sent to me at no cost in exchange for this review.
Last year I was able to review their Key Ingredient tablet...but this one is so improved!
 I believe that you get what you pay for.
A few years ago I got my daughter an off brand tablet that was less than $50.
It was poor quality and had a very limited connection ability.  It didn't load well and no camera.
Games and apps were unplayable because it had such a slow processor.
It was basically expensive trash.
If you are looking for a tablet, get an excellent one!

I am very pleased with this Key Ingredient HD Tablet.  It is everything HD should be.
It has a clear display and great resolution.  
 It's giant!  Just a little bit narrower than an ipad...under an inch.
It's big and impressive!
It has a camera, perfect for pictures and even movies!
Mine arrived all charged up and ready to go!
 It has the Amazon appstore interface and so you can get all the games and
 books and stuff you use on a kindle--it even has the
 Amazon underground option to get games free with no ingame sales.
It has the Key Ingredient app all set up.
It is so convenient to use in the kitchen.
 It comes with an amazing, heavy duty stand!
This thing is sturdy and will not topple over.  It is really worth its weight in gold.
It's easy to pull up recipes and scroll through them while working in the kitchen.
You can save off favorites, add your own recipes and even formulate a grocery list!
We decided on a simple treat: Chocolate Mint Cookies!
 We got the ingredients, buttery crackers, melting wafers,
 peppermint oil and 1 crushed candy cane.
 Melt the chocolate in a glass container...30 seconds, then stir then repeat.
Add 4 drops of peppermint oil right into the melted chocolate.
 Dip in the crackers, use a fork to pat off excess chocolate.
Then lay on a baking mat.  Sprinkle with crushed candy canes while still wet.
Let harden and eat!
 These were so easy to make and tasted so yummy!
Love the salted chocolate flavor--they were a huge hit!
We absolutely love this new Key Ingredient HD tablet!
We even took it on a road trip to test it out.  We drove to California and back in 3 days.
It was fun for games and offline fun and held a charge for quite a while.
It is definitely a high quality tablet.

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