Crafting A Budget With Zions Bank OnCard®

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This conversation is a sponsored post from Zions Bank as part of Forward Influence, but all opinions and experiences are my own.  #ad #BudgetShareManageEnjoy #OnCard
Crafting a budget with zions bank Oncard reloadable bank card

Crafting A Budget With Zions Bank OnCard®

Hi, Doodlecrafters—Do you have a crafting budget? Crafting, or any hobby, can start to add up.  How do you make crafting expenses fit in your life? Do you save up birthday money to buy the craft supplies you need? What about budgeting in general?  
       I am not the most organized person when it comes to budgeting. If I need or want something, I just buy it—and figure it out later. As you can well imagine, this is not a great method when it comes to budgeting. I’ve discovered a great tool though! I’ve spent the last two months using Zions Bank OnCard, and it’s fantastic. Have you heard of Zions Bank OnCard before?
       Let me just chat about Zions Bank for a minute. I’ve had a savings and checking account at Zions for the last 10 years. We’ve kept Zions Bank as we traveled and relocated in the military, and they are wonderful to work with. When my oldest two were little, they were ready to open their own accounts.  They wanted the free piggy bank that came with opening a new account. They were thrilled and have added to their savings accounts regularly. We have always had great service and enjoy the kindness of the people we’ve gotten to know who work at the bank.
      I had an issue with the ATM one time … I didn’t grab my money fast enough, and the machine slurped it back inside. We (me, my daughter and her cousin) were on our way to an event, so we rushed inside the bank to resolve the cash issue. While they were filling out the documentation of the ATM mishap, my cute niece lost her first tooth! We made a video of it, and the fun employees at Zions Bank showered her with cheers and a couple of treats. (Photos pulled from the video; sorry about the poor quality.)
     So I am a long-time, loyal customer of Zions Bank. Naturally, the OnCard was the next no-brainer step in my banking experience.
     The OnCard is a reloadable debit card. Setting up the OnCard is simple and quick. It costs $5 for the first one and $3 for additional cards. The fee is taken from your balance after your first transfer to the card. The OnCard is similar to a prepaid card or even a reloadable gift card—you load as much money as you want and spend as needed. The OnCard works for payments online and at the store, gas station and especially the craft store!

Some details on the card. You must have a Zions Bank checking or savings account. You must be over age 18 for the primary card, but you can get cards for kids 13 and older. No credit checks needed. 
      The OnCard is great for teaching teenagers about budgeting and keeping track of cards. The card will not overdraft if there isn’t enough money on the card for the purchase; it will simply decline.  The OnCard is a great way to pay allowance to children too. It’s nice to send my son on errands without worrying that he’ll lose track of cash. 
      The OnCard has its own app; it’s easy to use and instantly transfer money to the card from your accounts. It’s super handy to make a quick transfer before swiping the card. The app also notifies you each time a purchase is made, along with the amount that was spent. It’s a great way to keep track of expenses.
     The OnCard is perfect for travelers. The OnCard is a simple way to budget and keep track of expenses while on the road. No need to alert the bank that you are traveling … you have all the control on your phone app. The OnCard works anywhere that Visa is accepted. No chip in the card, just the swipe line.  If it gets lost, you can immediately transfer the balance off of your card. Plus, Zions Bank has fraud services that are convenient to work with. I used my OnCard on a girls’ trip to Bryce Canyon in April. It was so easy to just carry the card and not worry about a giant wallet of cash. It made my trip much more enjoyable. I didn’t have to just “guess” how much cash I needed, and I didn’t have to take my debit card.
     And of course, the OnCard is perfect for keeping track of a crafting budget. Just transfer small amounts each month, birthday money or money made from selling crafts onto the OnCard account. Then you can let the balance build, so you can buy something you really want! Once the money is out, it’s out. Just like carrying cash around but without the hassle of cash. The OnCard compiles all the data of the money you spend each month, so you can track where the money is going and where adjustments need to be made. It's been wonderful, and I highly recommend it to anyone! Check out more about the OnCard here.
Crafting a budget with zions bank Oncard reloadable bank card
Post sponsored by Zions Bank, a division of Zions Bancorporation, N.A., Member FDIC, for Forward Influence.  Opinions and experiences are my own.

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