Mermaid Scales Tie Dye Shirt DIY: Tie Dye Your Summer!

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Mermaid Scales Tie Dye Shirt DIY: Tie Dye Your Summer
Are you part of the mermaid craze?  I love the fish scale pattern, so I am in.  I love everything beachy and blue, so this is the perfect summertime project.
The tie dye works perfectly with this pattern and looks ombre and awesome!  Check out the how to video for some up-close techniques:

This shirt is sure to get attention!
Let's get started!
You will need:
White 100% cotton shirts
One-Step Tie-Dye Kits (I'm using the Shibori and Party Kits)

Aleene's ClearGel Tacky Glue

13 Gallon garbage bag, or similar
Table covered workspace outdoors
Begin by putting the garbage bag inside the shirt.  This will keep the glue from sticking the front and back of the shirts together.  Start drawing a fish-scale pattern on the shirt, starting at the shoulders.  Simply draw half circles.  The next row of half circles should begin and end in the centers of the circles above them.
Let the glue dry completely.  The glue is waterbased and will wash out at the end, but will act as a dye resister during this process.
The shirt will easily remove from the plastic bag.
Set up your workstation outdoors.  It can get messy and it's nice to enjoy some sunshine.  Tape down a plastic tablecloth to protect the table and make for easy cleanup.
Prepare the dyes by filling them with water up to the fill line.  Shake the dyes until thoroughly mixed.
Put on some gloves and quickly soak the shirt in water.  Gently wring it out and set it on the table.  Open your tie-dye and start squeezing!
Sprinkle, shake, and pour the dyes out on the shirt.  You will see the glue resisted lines as you work.
Fill with all the mermaid colors you can find!  I used navy, teal, aqua, blue and green.  This shirt features diagonal lines.
Wrap the shirt in a plastic bag and set it out in the sun for 6 to 8 hours.  After the shirt has set, rinse thoroughly with water...I sprayed mine in the driveway with the hose.  Rinse until the water runs clear...and removes the washable glue.
 Then immediately toss the shirt in the washing machine for a regular cycle with soap, then dry.  Now the shirt is ready to wear and enjoy!  Mermaid Life!
 Wear it to the beach, the pool or just around town!  This shirt is sure to make a splash!
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  1. Don’t make my mistake!!! I spent a many hours putting perfect mermaid scales on a sleeveless t-shirt. And used lots of glue sticks!! I had some Rit dye so I decided to use that. I got my water good and hot, added salt and put my shirt in. All the glue melted and caused a huge mess. I am SOOO disappointed!! This was a big FAIL for me. Make sure you use a the dye kit!!!


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