5 Crafty and Creative Books!

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Here's some fabulous creative books that would make great holiday gifts too.  Great books for all ages.  I love gifting creative gifts that help develop talents.

Written by Hand

This is a great guide to hand lettering.  Great for tweens and teens too.  Lots of practice pages and step by step guides.

Learn to Draw: Star Wars The Force Awakens

This book is really intense and has step by step guides for really detailed and high quality drawings.  Great for any Star Wars enthusiast!

How to Draw Almost Everyday

This book is adorable and coaches through simple line drawings, one for each day of the year.  It's a great way to help kids practice drawing each day--or adults too!

Just for Fun: Perspective

This book is really great for teaching about perspective.  I am giving this book to my daughter, she is at the perfect age to grasp these fun concepts.

Sketch Now Think Later

This fun book teaches to sketch wherever you go and not worry about perfection, but quickly sketch things out and then finish them up later.

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