DIY: Seahorse Resin Pendant!

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 DIY: Seahorse Resin Pendant!
I like creepy jewelry.  I always buy something new around Halloween time to wear out.
Like fangs, bats, or spiders.  I love spider jewelry.
What's better...a DIY for a creepy new necklace!
This adorable seahorse pendant is awesome...but might be a little disturbing to some folks.  We love jewelry that makes a statement.  If cute seahorse bodies isn't your thing, think about other fun things you can embed in resin to make stunning jewelry.
These seahorses are similar to these beetle necklaces I made a couple years ago.
We like these creepy pieces for their wow factor.
So let's talk about the seahorse or hippocampus.
Seahorses are popular in Asia for eating, infusing in liquor and teas.
So...this necklace feels a little less disturbing.
 You will need:
Seahorses, sea stars, beetles, or other fun item to embed in resin
 I got a dozen seahorses on Etsy.
They are a little creepy, not going to lie.
 Read the resin and hardener directions carefully before beginning.
Make sure you have everything set out and ready before mixing the resin.
 I mixed up a bunch of resin because I was doing multiple projects at the same time.
You only need enough resin to fill up half of the desired molds.
Fill them about 1/8 to 1/4 inch full and let them set a couple hours.
 Then set the seahorses right on top of the resin.
If it sinks to the bottom...pull it out gently and wait a little longer.
You want it to sit right on top of that layer of resin.
 Then mix up a little more resin and fill the molds with the resin.
I should have used a dropper, but I just poured it.
It's easy to clean up after it's done.
Let them harden for a few days.
 Pop them out of the molds and let them sit out another day or so.
 Next, use a small drill bit and add a small hole at the top close to the edge.
Use caution so you don't drill through the edge.
 Now they are ready to add to necklaces.
 I used some wire and wrapped a loop on the top.
 Then I used some velvet ribbon for the perfect choker.
 Hook it to the ribbon with a jump ring!
 Add the clasp to the ends of the ribbon and it's ready to wear!
 Or add a jump ring and chain for a much simpler necklace!
I love that heart shaped pendant!
 I finished each one off differently and I love them all!
Which one is your favorite? 
Would you ever wear a Seahorse necklace?
Would you ever make one?
Cool or Creepy?
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