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ChillaX Inflatable Lounge Sack!

 ChillaX Inflatable Lounge Sack!
We were super excited to try out an inflatable lounger.
I received this product in order to review.

This is the first lounger of this kind that I have used.
I have heard it is superior quality, but have nothing to compare it to.
It works just like they say it will!
It arrives in a compact carrying bag like this.
Cute panda.
It has 2 open ends that sort of clamp together.
This is how the bag is inflated.
It also has side clip buckles for securing once inflated.
The inside is lined with plastic.
There are a lot of youtube videos for instructions on inflating the bag.
Here's what I learned.
Open one set of the clamps, lift into the air and move forward like you are
 filling a plastic bag with air.
Then immediately clamp it closed.  Open the other clamp and repeat...and close.
Now the trick is the wrapping.
Take the clamp ends and roll them over and over and over each other until
 the air compresses and gets tight.
Then bend the clamps together and engage the buckle.
If it's not compressed enough, you will sink in the center and your
 backside will hit the ground beneath.
Guess how I know.
So make sure it is very tight.
When you sit in it you should hover above the ground on a delightful cushiony cloud!
After getting up, you'll notice some of the air has leaked out.
I don't know how long the chair would remain comfortable without a re-tightening.
But it's certainly comfortable!
I'm looking forward to taking it on some outdoor adventures!
(Ignore the dirty stained cement patio)
What do you think?
Have you tried one of these?

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