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Microwave Air-Pop Popcorn Popper!

 Microwave Air-Pop Popcorn Popper!
 I received this amazing popcorn popper in exchange for this post

My husband loves salty, buttery popcorn.
But not "microwavable" popcorn...we like air-popped.
This is the perfect solution!
Just add 1/4 cup of kernels into the container and put the lid on it.
Place in microwave and microwave for about 2 minutes.
It's fun how full it gets!
Carefully remove lid to vent the steam.
Add butter and salt!
So good!
It makes 1 quart of popcorn.
And then you can always add chocolate or flavored coatings too!
We did a bunch of popcorn for my sisters wedding--it was so bright and colorful!
Wish we had this microwave popcorn popper then. 
Can't wait to make some yummy cinnamon popcorn too!

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