Sketch Pencils and Blog Review!

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9:00 PM

 Welcome!  So glad you are here!
You are here to see some cool sketch pencils and 3 great FREE software
 programs for photo editing and 3D rendering, right!?

I was sent some sketch pencils by Dana Sibilsky, in exchange for this review,
which happen to be her favorite set of pencils for art.

Immediately my daughter was eager to try them out, she loves drawing and
 could sit forever doodling.  She is my little artist.
I am not much of a sketcher when it comes to art.
I took lots of art classes and could do a decent job if I had the time or the desire.
Here's my final assignment for my drawing class in collage:
Haha, amazing, right?
I needed my sister to help me get some of the face right...I'm just not really
an artist, but a crafter.
I love geekery and crafting, DIY and more!

So Dana Sibilsky had a great post on her blog about graphic design.
She highlights 2 free softwares for digital work.
If you don't have photoshop (which I absolutely love and use daily)

If you are on a budget, like all of us, right?...start with these FREE programs!

This is a great free program that is basically a clone of Photoshop...It's GIMP!
It is very easy to learn and works great for photo editing!
Another great one is called PIXLR!
I used Pixlr to do this Ghosts in the Graveyard Post!

Here's a free program for 3D rendering if you've ever considered giving that a try!

And for your enjoyment, my daughter drawing a pony at lightning speed:

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