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Clean the Gunk off your Iron with Rowenta Cleaner!

 I have an adorable, cheap, little iron.
I only use it crafts...I don't iron clothes...or sheets (who does that?)
I use it on crafts and projects.
I've ironed adhesives, heat transfer vinyls, freezer paper, you name it!
My iron was a wreck:

 Like, so much of a wreck that I had to stop using it for projects...because it would leave a gunky residue on my new projects.  It was garbage.
Rowenta sent me this lovely package!
First...an even more adorable little iron with fabulous features and a carrying bag!
and second...Rowenta Hot Iron Soleplate Cleaning Kit...in case I could
 recover my old iron's hot plate.
 I put this Rowenta Cleaning Kit to the test!
 Included is a white cloth, a green cloth and a tube of cleaner.  Easy.
 Fold the white cloth in half on your ironing board.
Set your iron to the cotton setting, no water in the iron.
 Squeeze a couple inches of paste on the cloth.
 Circular motion iron over the top of the paste.
 It smokes/steams...and the towel turns black!
But it is cleaning off the junk!
 I repeated the process until my iron looked fantastic!
 Then I used a little more paste and cotton swabs and got down in all the little grooves.
Be cautious...it's hot!
 When finished cleaning, iron on the green cloth to remove any excess residue from the paste.
 Seriously remarkable!
I had already tried all the "at home" approaches to cleaning an iron...
including goo gone, salt and hot water...none of them even touched the gunk.
Rowenta cleaner took less than 10 minutes and I am ready to craft again!
 I am thrilled!
This stuff works perfectly and can save you from having to just buy
 a new iron...although they have fabulous ones too!

Rowenta Iron Cleaner is also available on Amazon Prime!

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