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 Bed wetting is something that people rarely talk of...especially if the child is older.
But pretty much everyone knows someone who suffers from that problem.
You would think it would be easier to talk about...
Dealing with it is hard enough. 
It's embarassing and a lot of extra clean up work...disinfecting
and air freshening...and washing.

Well, GoodNites® has made it easier.

HUGGIES® GoodNites® *Tru-Fit*
 photo TRU-FIT_zps34cdd302.jpg
It's real cotton underwear that has disposable inserts.
Made for boys or girls in S/M or L/XL.
 This makes bedtimes so much easier.
 Regular undies, with an insert!
Doesn't feel weird or uncomfortable.
And looks totally discreet!
My adorable son infrequently wets...and he hates admitting it,
he says he "sweat the bed"...and it is true, he gets pretty sweaty at night.
But these are right down his alley.
They work like a dream and thankfully we haven't had an accident yet!
If you can't find them at your Walmart,
you can always order them online!
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