Cindy Lou Who Hairdo!

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6:00 AM
 We love going all out for dressing up whenever possible!
And that means, dressing up like Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas every year for our church Christmas party!
You will need:
Paper Cup
Hair accessories (brush, elastics, bows, braids)
Funny and over the top Christmas clothes
Tea Cup Headband

It all started when she was 5...and pretty stinkin adorable!
With shorter hair, just add more braids and clips!

Then when she was 6!
 When she was 7...I let her wear the girly ELF costume...
And last year we made Teacup headbands to match Cindy Lou and her moms!
Because our Party was a breakfast, the kids wore their jammies.
This year, because my daughter's hair was so much longer,
we used a bigger cup inside...
Here's a quick step by step:
Pin it for quick reference!

Pull up top part of hair...

Split it in half...
Slip in a paper cup...a Blue SOLO cup, like we used this year,
 or a even a plastic water bottle!

Pull the hair over the top of the cup
and fasten it with an elastic...
Make sure the hair covers up the cup and you are good!

Curl, braid, add and accessorize!

We found the Christmas circle skirt at the thrift store.
The fur collar was at a yard sale...
and the cape is a tree skirt!  Tree skirts make awesome skirts too!
Get creative!

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