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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay Costume!

 Legend of Zelda Link Cosplay Costume!
We love Nintendo!  Old school video games are so much fun.  We just played through the original Legend of Zelda and we got all geeked out.  We just had to do a Link Cosplay.  It's pretty basic,
but this costume got this guy the second prize in the cosplay costume at our local fancon...so it's good.  This son of mine has always love Link.
Here's a pic of a costume we did for him just for fun when he was 6.
Totally adorable right!?
His hat was tight enough to make his ears stick out and he had lots of missing teeth!  I love those toothless grins.  Anyway, he still loves all Link fandom.
 Okay, the best part of the costume is the stainless steel chainmaille shirt.
This is a 6 in 1 weave shirt made by my husband years ago.  If you don't just happen to have chainmaille laying around, try using a light gray shirt underneath the tunic.
This tutorial is geared toward a grown teenager body, nearly adult size...all my measurements, etc, will be for this build.  If you are making a different size, make adjustments!
 The main thing about Link is the green.  He does wear other colors in the video games (like blue, white and red) but the iconic Link wears green.  Super bright, vibrant green.  Some versions are more olive toned, but really, people want to see the green.
So you need 1 yard of green fabric.  We used fleece for 2 reasons:
1: we had it already 2: it doesn't fray, so it takes little effort and no hemming.
 Fold the fabric in half (it generally is sold folded in half).  The folded edge will be where the head hole is.  Measure the body it needs to fit across and add 6 inches.  Cut the fabric to fit the person's body.  Ours left a piece about 8-12 inches for the pointed hat, or Phrygian cap.
 Right in the center of the folded edge of the tunic, cut a 4 inch slit.
 Cut a small scoop and v-neck line and then an additional slit about 6 inches lower.  Link wears a low cut tunic.  Fleece is SUPER stretchy, so it should still "look" small...if you cut it too big it will stretch and look incredibly saggy.
Next I used a crop-a-dile to set little eyelets.

You can just punch holes, but this looks much more official.
Just 6 eyelets are perfect!
Now use some leather lace or a shoe lace and tie it up.
Sew the sides of the tunic leaving an opening for the arms and a slit at the base.
Or just wear it like a poncho and tie it with the belt.
Next the hat.
I just free handed it and sewed it to look like a pointed hat.  Measure the head circumference for the base.  It is about 18-20 inches long.
My son made a wooden shield, sword and boomerang to complete the look!
Oh, and also used these leather bracers we made last year too.
We used a simple belt, tan pants, regular shoes and a big smile!
Tons of people wanted pictures of him at the fancon.  He had the perfect winning costume!

Here's some more Legend of Zelda fun!

Legend of Zelda!


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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Legend of Zelda: Link's Hylian Shield Shirt!

 Legend of Zelda: Link's Hylian Shield Shirt!
I love a great DIY t-shirt.  They are the easiest way to make something that you just can find.  In this case...since all week I am focused on the Legend of Zelda...it's Link's Shield of Hyrule.
 With the tri-force and all those other fun goodies.

Right click to save off, personal use only.  I did not design this.
 You will need:
Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine
Freezer Paper
Soft Fabric Ink
Raglan Shirt

(these District Made Raglan shirts are amazing and soft!)

Upload your image and have the Cricut machine cut it out of freezer paper.
Place the freezer paper on the cutting mat with the waxy side down.
Weed out the positive space and keep the negative space.
Remove the freezer paper and iron it on the shirt.
Then iron on all the inside details.
The wax from the freezer paper adheres to the shirt and creates a perfect seal.
Use the paint and a stiff brush to stipple on paint.
I used yellow for the tri-force and black for the rest.
I love the splotchy distressed paint on the heathered shirt, so it just needed one quick layer.
Let the paint dry for about 5 minutes, then peel off the freezer paper.
Then your kid will be thrilled to have a shirt that you just cannot find in stores!
He loves it!
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Have you played any of the Legend of Zelda games?  What's your favorite?

Check out this Tri-force necklace too!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Legend of Zelda: Heart Container Cards!

I received product for this post from Oriental Trading.
 Legend of Zelda: Heart Container Cards!
Lots of old school 8-bit video games have the hearts as a life counter.  Legend of Zelda is the same.  The heart containers are so iconic.  You start out with 3, it's so much easier in the game once you start getting more.  So this card is a fun way to share the geek love with friends.
 You will need:
Heart Containers
mini m&m's or small candy
Heavy cardstock
 You can trace the heart container a couple times, or right click to save off mine.
 Use some Tombow adhesive to adhere the heart container to the paper.
 Then use a marker, I used Stained by Sharpie to write a sentiment.
You fill my heart...and get a life!
Fun for gamers!
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I thought these Legend of Zelda mash-ups were pretty good too!



And check out my other heart container crafts


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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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