Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Succulent Wreath and Hedgescapes!

 I am a fan of fake plants because I seem to kill them regularly.
If I had a giant mansion with lots of property, I'd do it right and put in a labyrinth.
I'd want a big windy maze for spooks and a giant monster in the center.
But really, hedges can be quite wonderful for privacy and easy to maintain.
Great for fences or borders.
Check out Hedgescapes
Flame retardant, easy to care for and they wont fade...and super great for drought prone areas!
Check out these Hedges 
They have artificial grass, flower walls, topiaries and more!
 I love this wreath.  It's so thick I can use it as a centerpiece with my cake stand,
lights and a candle.
Check out Hedgescapes on

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Vintage Christmas Charm Necklace

 Vintage Christmas Charm Necklace!
This is a fabulous craft for tweens or teens to make.
They are a great handmade gift too, and they are oh, so cute!
I received lots of goodies from Oriental Trading.
They have everything you need for crafting, parties and holidays.
You will need:
 Necklace Chains
 Christmas charms
(I got the vintage Santa charms, snowflakes and cookie cutter)
 Jump rings
 Jewelry Pliers

 My 12 year old was thrilled to make a handmade gift for her friends!
She divided up the charms and made 6 necklaces.
 The charms are darling!
I love the look of all these silvertone charms together.

Then it is simple work.
Use the pliers to slide open a jump ring and hook it on a chain.
Then tighten the jump ring.
 Each necklace has 5 or 6 charms and looks darling!
Perfect for wearing all December long!
 I love the Vintage Santa charms and the delicate snowflakes!
This is a great craft to help older children feel success while crafting!
Oriental Trading has so many different charms, 
you can make them for every occasion of the year!

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This post published on Doodlecraft first 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker!

 Got this cool Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for my husband
for Christmas...good thing he's not a regular on my blog!
 This speaker is fun.  It pairs quickly to your bluetooth device and has crystal clear audio!
 Large enough for a big event, can add additional storage to it too!
I received this in exchange for this fun post!

Perfect for listening to Christmas music while decorating!
I was totally searching for this song by Slade, Merry Christmas Everybody,
because they feature it on Doctor Who on at least 3 Christmas episodes!
It's on Amazon music.

Take a listen:

This is fabulous!  Can't wait for Christmas!

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Sparkly Ornament Christmas Wreath!

 Sparkly Ornament Christmas Wreath!
 I love decorating for the holidays!  I love wreaths packed with ornaments!
I started with a lit pine greenery wreath.
 I used ornaments, glitter flowers and gold ribbon.
Also wire and pliers.
 I made a big bow with the ribbon
(using this tutorial)
Then wired it onto the wreath.
And wrapped the ribbon around the wreath.
 Then I used the wire to tie the glitter flowers onto the wreath.
 And then hooked on tons of bright colored ornaments with wire!
 Hang it up and plug it in!
I love a giant lit up wreath on the porch!

Check out these wreaths too!
Lots of fun holiday ideas!

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This post published on Doodlecraft first 
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