Saturday, September 19, 2015

Oak Leaf Mini Aroma Oil Diffuser!

Oak Leaf Mini Aroma Oil Diffuser!
I received this oil diffuser from Oak Leaf at no cost in exchange for this review.

I love it! 
 I love diffusers and am quite convinced that you can not have too many!
I needed another one in my kitchen/family room zone.
It's the place we eat and gather for having
some mood therapy through essential oils is, well, essential!
Oak Leaf has this adorable diffuser.
It's about the size of a Family size can of soup...I like that it sort of gives off that vibe too.

The unit plugs in.
Fill with water, a little pitcher is provided.
Add 1-2 drops of oil and press and hold the buttons until they beep.
The light glows through a series of 7 colors...I love them all.
The diffuser blinks 3 times when the water runs out and then stops by itself.
I love that feature!
 It's under warranty for one year.
 This would make a great gift for the holidays too!
Your house not only smells great but it can instantly change the mood of the home too!
 Works great as a night light...stays on for about 2 hours or so.
 I am looking forward to combating illness in my home this winter
 season with this diffuser misting good things like peppermint and more!
Do you diffuse?
What have you tried and loved?

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