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Sunday, September 6, 2015

I can SEE--It's a Miracle!

I can SEE--It's a Miracle! 
 Prescription Eyeglasses from Eyeglassio!
Well, I don't post much with or about myself...so here goes.
I had a PRK (like lasik) done 10 years ago in May.
Since then I've boasted BETTER than average eyesight...20/10!
In the past year though, my eyes have changed and my eyesight has
worsened...which is common even with corrective surgery...
so I was braced for it.
Well, I just had my eyes checked and I was seeing about 20/40...slightly less than perfect...
meaning I can read at 20 feet a letter that most people can read at 40 feet...basically,
 I need to be a bit closer.
Eyeglassio asked if I wanted to get a pair of glasses to review at no cost.
I was thrilled, but skeptical about ordering eye-wear online.
The website is very user friendly.  They have lots of inexpensive frames.
I ended up picking these Carrie frames at $24.50.
They have an option where you can upload a picture of yourself to get an idea of how they will fit.
Generally, I have a narrow face and glasses can be way too oversized on me.
Overall, I am pleased!  I like the slight cat-eye frame and don't mind how big they are.
Studious, right?
The main point is that I can see distance much better!  I am thrilled!
Have you ever put on glasses and noticed details you were missing out on?
Leaves on trees, blades of grass!  I love it!
If you are looking for some new glasses, this is a great place!
They have frames starting at $6...and shipping is just $5.95.
Keep in mind, especially if you have kids that wear glasses and constantly need replacements!

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1 comment:

Jim Boice said...

Nice that you don't seem upset at all about wearing glasses again. But if your eyes are only 20/40 your eyesight is still quite good just not better than perfect anymore. Actually you probably noticed that you needed glasses again much sooner than most people because while you were seeing 20/10 which is considerably better than what is considered perfect vision that is quite a deterioration for your eyes go from 20/10 to 20/40. I'm sure when you had the PRK done your glasses were likely much stronger and you probably wore them full time and couldn't see much without them? So wearing much weaker glasses isn't so bad. You can even wear them, as many do now, for fashion whenever you want to.

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