Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sands Alive! 3D Animal Set Review!

 Sands Alive! 3D Animals Set! #SandsAlive3DAnimals
**I received this set at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion**

I am not a big "clay" a.k.a. mess fan.
But I love this sand!
It's soft and smooth and fun to play with.
It's easy to clean up and doesn't stick to any surface.
It comes with a bin "sand box" and 1 pound of clay.
It's soft and fluffy but can be compacted too!
There are 3 animal molds included, they come in 2 halves.
Just click them together, fill and pack them with Sands Alive!
Unclick the 2 pieces...then gently pull out the animal!
They are so much fun to make and squish over and over again!
I'll admit it...I was hoping this would occupy the kids while I got some things done...
instead, I just played with it too!
First thing in the morning he wants at it again and again!
Great gift idea for little ones on your list!

It's so much fun--check it out in action!

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