Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Have you played with a Kendama?
They are so fun!  They are a traditional Japanese toy.
I love how simple toys are the best!
My oldest son got one for his birthday, needless to say the younger guy was a slight bit envious.
**I was sent this awesome Kendama in exchange for this review**

You can get it now for $10 off with the code: Kendama1
So for $13 you have a great gift idea!!!!
Buy a bunch and keep them on hand for those last minute birthday parties!
It's fun for kids or adults. 
Swing the ball and catch it on the cups or the stick!
And right after I took his picture and put my camera down,
I had a turn playing with it too!
It's so fun...and you just don't want to stop until you get it!

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