Saturday, August 22, 2015

Elegana Ceramic Knives Review!

 Ceramic Knives Review! #Elegana_Ceramic_Knives
I needed new knives I was thrilled to have
 Elegana send me these Premium Ceramic Knives at no cost in exchange for this review.

 They are sharp, so don't be fooled by their cute appearance!
 First off, they have extremely elegant packaging!
Ceramic knives are they are fragile, to prevent breaking during delivery,
the knives are fit into a custom box packaging.
Each knife has it's own custom case for storage too.
Included are: 3" Paring ceramic knife, 4" Fruit ceramic knife, 5" Santoku ceramic knife, 6" Chef ceramic knife, multi-purpose ceramic peeler and a microfiber cleaning cloth!
 I spent the entire day last Friday blanching and cutting tomatoes for taco sauce.
My 4" utility knife earned its keep by cutting bushels of tomatoes!
 Obviously tomatoes are easy to cut, but
I generally use a serrated blade on them because they are so slippery...
This little ceramic knife had no problem cutting them down where they stood...or sat.
 There is a little more care involved with ceramic knives...
Hand wash only and be careful not to drop them.
They are high quality and germ resistant.  Easy to clean!
I'm thrilled!  I really needed some new knives.
These would make a great gift for the upcoming holidays or a wedding!

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