Saturday, August 22, 2015

Click-a-Brick Dino Pals!

 Click-a-Brick Dino Pals!
I couldn't resist letting my son try out these fun new building blocks!
*I received these at no cost in exchange for my honest review*

We love toys at our house!
We love building and creating things!
These are the perfect little blocks for my nearly 7 year old!
He generally has a hard time doing crafty or creative things...
so I have to "trick" him.
He feels so much success just building and creating.
He built this little house...complete with some backyard features.
And, I know he is actually being crafty and creative!  Win-win!
And he followed the picture diagram and built this long neck dino pal!
If you like creative play time...this is it!
They have multiple sets too, check them out here!

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