Saturday, August 22, 2015

Athena Cup Review! #AthenaCup

 Athena Cup Review!
**I received this at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review**
Every woman needs this.

I just discovered these wonderful alternatives to pads/tampons about 3 months ago.
So I've had some experience using them.
Included is the cup and a satin pouch...which is great for storage on the off weeks.
It is inserted similarly to a tampon and stuff collects inside.
Removal is easy and simple to dump and clean and re-insert.
There are 2 sizes depending on if you've had children or not.
There are so many reasons to get one or two of these!
Save Money!
Imagine not having to spend that extra $5-10 each month on hygiene!

Plus, it doesn't have the same risks as TSS.
So try it out before your time to adjust to it...there is about a 1-2 cycle learning curve.
It's great to sleep in...I even wear it to yoga!
 It can be worn for 12 hours straight!
And, fact is...I bought a few for our 72 hour emergency kits!
Imagine not having access to hygiene supplies...I'm not using a rag, I'll have this!
Normally, I am not this vocal about things of this nature...
however, this is one that I'd like to yell from the roof tops to
every woman that deals with this monthly business!

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