Saturday, July 25, 2015

Peak Fulfillment Cloud Yoga Mat!

 Peak Fulfillment Cloud Yoga Mat!
 **I received this yoga mat at a discounted price in exchange for this review**
If you are looking for a yoga mat, look no further!
This Cloud Yoga Mat from Peak Fulfillment is awesome!
 My hubby and I go to yoga 3 times a week.
It's free at a nearby church.  I totally need it...I feel old and out of shape.
Yoga is amazing and helps us stay limber and increase in flexibility.
 This new Cloud Yoga Mat made it to class on Friday.
It is thick and cushy--nearly twice as thick as our old mat.
It's easy to carry--comes with straps and carrying handle.
Here's the low down:
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE ● Made of high-performance material which provides great traction while being comfortable
  • LIKE TWO MATS IN ONE ● Dual texture mat offers two distinct experiences - one side gives a more traditional yoga mat experience, while the other provides a higher level of traction and comfort
  • ECO FRIENDLY ● Our mats are 100% recyclable for the earth, and tested to be free from toxic materials for you
  • WORRY FREE ● Our mats allow you to focus on your yoga routine instead of whether your feet and hands are slipping, or if your knees are sore because the mat is too thin
  • 100% GUARANTEED ● We are so certain you are going to love this mat, your satisfaction is guaranteed with our no questions asked refund policy

 We keep them stored in our car next to our emergency kit.
If there was an emergency of some kind, I'd love to make camp on this extremely cushy yoga mat!
Peak Fulfillment is a family owned company and spent lots of time researching and developing the ultimate yoga mat.  They succeeded, it's amazing!

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