Sunday, November 30, 2014

Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet Review and Giveaway!

Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet Review and Giveaway!
I was sent this tablet to try out in exchange for this blog post.
 It comes in a silicone protected case with legs and kickstand.
Easy to sit up on the counter.
Easy to see and no worries about mess...easy to clean!
 Has all the plug ins and memory expansion on the top edge.
I have looked for the specs for this device all over...
It's dimensions are: 8.2 x 5 x 1.2 inches
Operating system is Android, has several pre-installed apps like Google play, maps,
and Key Ingredient Recipe Index with millions of recipes!
It's got text to speech...with the click of a button, she'll read
 all your recipe directions to you!
Built in camera makes it great to take screen shots, or pictures of your current recipes!
Makes it easy to go paperless in the you
 can take them with you when you travel!

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Here's a comparison of tablets.
The Ipad 2, the Key ingredient Recipe Tablet and the Kindle Fire.
It's a very rectangular tablet.  :)
The touch screen feels nice, works well.
However, only some of the games I downloaded work.
It's probably got a slower processor so it's not capable of games that involve
complex Simpson's Tapped Out...wont even start up.
It's got a small memory card (like only 1 or 2GB), so if you want it to do much
more than recipes, it will need an Micro SD Card, about $12.

Okay, with that said, it's a great tablet for someone that just uses it for recipes, simple games,
 web surfing, email, maps, scriptures, etc.  Like my mom.  This would be perfect for her.  :)

Normally they retail for $149.95, which is great for a tablet this size.
Get yours now for $84.95 ($65 off!)
Use the code 50CRAFT at checkout!

You can WIN one here too!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Laney said...

This is interesting. I have never heard of this before.

The Omnipotent One said...

I love that it comes with a stand, that's the problem I always have with my devices in the kitchen, no place to put them.

Carter Elisabeth said...

This looks awesome! Love the color, and how it has a stand.

Heather said...

This would be so convenient! My favorite recipe if for Mandarin Chicken. Yum!

kellyr78 said...

Eggplant Parmesan is one of my favorites.

Price Fam said...

I think that it would be hard to pick just one favorite recipe. I think that it would have to be marinated orange tofu. YUM!

Price Fam said...

My favorite recipe is Cherry Cobler

ozlynda said...

Chocolate Brownies are my favourite recipe to both cook and eat. Yum.

Price Fam said...

My favorite Recipe is Chocolate chip cookies.

Amanda said...

My favorite recipe to cook? Or to eat? :) My favorite recipes to cook are anything in the crockpot! :) My favorite recipes to eat usually involve "pie" in the name. I'm easy to please.

Joan Kubes said...

My favorite is Grandma's chocolate chip cookies.

amanda whitley said...

my favorite is slow cooker cheeseburger soup

angela lazo said...

My favorite recipe is fruit cake

Ally said...

I love my shortbread recipe. Easy, tastes great, and makes the house smell WONDERFUL while it's baking!

Kristin Goodson said...

My favorite recipe is my grandmas Japanese fruit cake recipe! It's my favorite dessert :)

Lauren E said...

My fave recipe is my moms (her grandmothers actually) stuffing.

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