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Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Big Move!

This post brought to you by Moen, Incorporated.
 All opinions are 100% mine.
We just moved!
And we are exhausted!!!
 We moved a couple states south.
We are now living in Alabama, right on the border of Georgia!
It's warmer already and has me dreading the summertime!
But we have a pool...
It started out looking like seaweed monster man.
We drained the whole thing and refilled it with fresh water and added some chemicals.
It's clean, but frigid.
The yard was covered with my favorite weeds.
I always think these weeds look like birds...weird Dr Seuss birds maybe...
 We got a push mower and all the kids took turns mowing.
Confession: I've never mowed the lawn.
It was always the "boys" job growing up...so I never did it.
I have remedied that with this new move...I love mowing with this thing!
It's so easy and fun to chop down the lawn!
 Got a washer and dryer!
 And spent some time in the cleaned out but FREEZING swimming pool!
The kids were so determined to go swimming that they
didn't care the temperature of the water!
 We celebrated Miss Hailee's birthday with no chairs or candles.
At least we had some cheesecake!  :)
The house we are renting is great!
The kitchen is always the first thing I look at in a house. 
(because while the boys were mowing the lawn, I was making dinner!)
This kitchen is twice the size of the last house and really nice.
Not white counter tops like the last place :)
There are a ton of cupboards and drawers and everything is fitting in really nicely!
We have a fabulous deep stainless steel sink with a MOEN faucet!

Wish I had a picture...but the kitchen is still a complete mess!  :)
Soon, I hope!

There is no surprise that it is great and works wonderfully!
Our house has 2 bathrooms, but both with double sinks...that means 4 sinks to keep clean.
Moen is now featuring a fabulous nickel finish so fingerprints
and waterspots don't show up on them!
That would be great, who has time for all that cleaning?
Might have to do a change out...hmm

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1 comment:

Jen said...

Nat, so glad the move is over and done with! And a pool?! I'm comin' over :) I can't believe you have never mowed the lawn before now. Out of all jobs in the yard, that is one of my favorite things to do. It's a great time for just you and your thoughts :) And YES PLEASE on the faucets. Oh my goodness those look fabulous.

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