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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Firmoo Glasses!

Firmoo sent us some glasses to test out.
They arrived beautifully with a hard case, cleaning cloth,
 repair kit and drawstring bag!

Thankfully at this stage, no one in my family needs glasses.
But I was in third grade when we discovered that I needed them.
 My mom and I went to the eye doctor and picked out some frames.
They were soooo expensive.  Hundreds of dollars.  My poor mom.
And the day I got them my friend came over.
She took one look at me and said "they look like old lady glasses".
Well, thanks.
(things you shouldn't say to a 3rd grader)

Well, enough childhood trauma over.
I got contacts in 8th grade and had a PRK (like lasik) done in 2005.
I love to be able to see!
However my husband misses my cute glasses sometimes.
(enter in non-prescription glasses)

My kids ALWAYS want to wear glasses.
And they love Harry Potter, so they asked for round lenses.
I got these from Firmoo...and you can get your
 first pair FREE from Firmoo too!
(shipping is only $6.95)

We all tried on the glasses,
and surprisingly they look great on the 4 year old.

the 10 year old boy (nearly 11)

and the 9 year old girl!
She loved them...and seriously, they helped her do her homework better.

I tried them on too--maybe I am still scarred from my childhood
because they were not my favorite looking...I've got a pretty narrow face.
But oh boy, they are so comfortable!
I wore them all the rest of the day without realizing it!
Certainly not "Old Lady Glasses"!  :)

If you wear glasses, check them out!
If you don't wear glasses, get some non-prescription ones, they are soo fun and FREE!

(I was compensated for this post with 1 pair of free glasses...
something they offer to anyone, so I'm just writing about
 them because they are awesome.)

Linking up to THESE parties this week!


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