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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Experience behind the screen at my house with dio!

This post brought to you by dio. All opinions are 100% mine.
I've been clued in early to a new kind of social site!
It's called dio...it's still new, and the perfect time to get started!
This site is different than any other site I've seen.
So many inspiration sites are limited to photographs and pin board type layouts.
This is spacial.  It actual lets you feel like you are there, moving 
from room to room and space to space.  
I have a few blogs.  One of which is my family happenings blog.  I just posted some pictures to show where we moved to.  If I had waited a little longer, this would have been the perfect platform to show off my new house!  I created different rooms and spaces that you can look at and move through.
 It's got a fun feel to it.
Creating your own account is very simple.  There's a registration...you can just login from facebook.  Then the step by step shows you how to create your space.  It can be a real space, like your home...or an imaginary space...like your dream home.  You can take all those pictures you love from pinterest and lay them out like you are walking from room to room in your house!
You could put all your wedding pictures in...all in ceremonial order!  I can really see a lot of possibilities with this new site!
It always seems a daunting task to start on a new social media site.
I know...I hesitated for a couple weeks after creating my pinterest account before I posted any pins!

You can find me under Natalie Shaw
Once you sign up...follow me so I can follow you back!
Here's the breakdown.  I started by showing off my house!
It begins with the picture of our house and then entering into the entryway...
 From there you can see the things I have hung in the entryway...my coat of arms...
 And my family picture...
From there you can step into my bizarre living room!  You'll see why when you step inside!
And then from there, head into the kitchen and pantry...or down the hall to the craft room/school room...or over to the master bed room...or to my favorite room in the house--the backyard!
I really like the format of Dio.
I am excited for my kids to make spaces too.  Maybe even do a science or book report...or Country report with this format.  Moving from one topic to another...and branching out to different categories!
I love it, endless possibilities!
Best news is that YOU can win $100 Amazon Gift Card!
It's the perfect motivation to get started! 
All you need to do is: visit dio.com, create a place...
then come back here and 
comment on this post with the email you signed up with.
Easy and fun!
For an Additional entry: Tweet out a message containing both a dedicated #DiscoveryDio hastag and the @dioplaces handle.  Comment back on this blog post with your email 
and a link to your tweet. 
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AguasGirl said...

Hi, I set up a Dio account!

I like how it is more personal and a show off style space. Especially for the crafty people! I am really excited to become very familiar with it and to have all my friends set up spaces as well!


Super fun for a hunter like me too!

logan kouski said...

I signed up!!! I hope I win I am furnishing a new apartment!! kouskikikirk@ymail.com is the email I signed up with!

MANDY83 said...

im signed up using pokergrl8 at gmail.com

pokergrl8 at gmail.com

MANDY83 said...


pokergrl8 at gmail.com

Kristen said...

Neat idea! I signed up and created a place using aeris32 at comcast dot net.

Adrianne B said...

I signed up with adriannebraun at yahoo dot com and created the board "Detroit Eastside"

Adrianne B said...

Tweet: https://twitter.com/adriannebraun/status/338049912132472832

Lisa Garner said...

I'm signed up and can't wait to get started on my place. lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

Lisa Garner said...

I Tweeted: https://twitter.com/lisalmg/status/338103090567852032

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