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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Skirt Refashion Sewing Fest!

I just had a great big sewing fest and fixed up all those
 skirts that I've been meaning to fix for years!
Yesterday was the extender slip sewing project!
I got this darling black and white dress with plum trim
 for $6 at the thrift store.
And thought that miraculously my chest would 
grow and I'd be able to fill it...
alas, not even some extra padding made it work.
so I cut it in half...lining and all and made it into a gorgeous skirt!
I used 1 1/2" elastic and sewed the skirt, lining and all right to it.
The elastic doesn't show, because I always untuck.
 Here's me wearing it with the slip extender from yesterday.
And thanks to my 9 year old photographer...I don't have great pictures!  :)

This red skirt I bought at my sister's tiny thrift store in her tiny city for 50 cents...
2 years ago.
It was 3X...too large for me.
I had planned on removing the waistband, taking in extra fabric and
 reworking the waistband for a perfect fit!
Hence the reason it's been sitting around for 2 years!
Let's make it easy.
So I cut the waistband off...right through the lining and zipper too...
and then sewed on a loop of elastic.
I love the extra flare it gives...fun way to make a flouncy skirt by taking
 one that is super big and using all the fabric to make it smaller for you!

I took this adult sized peasant skirt and made 
it fit my nearly 9 year old daughter.

This was an awesome jean skirt...super stretchy and soft...
but had a really long rise...not a lower hip wear that I prefer...
maybe I just have a short torso...either way,

 Cut off the excess waistband, right under the zipper...but through the back pockets.
I did a quick long zig zag stitch to keep the pocket flaps in place.

 Measured the elastic...1" shorter than around the waist.
Then sewn together like a loop.
Then I sew it onto my skirt...pulling the elastic gently while sewing.
sewn with a long zig-zag to help it stretch when wearing.
I'm NOT pregnant...but this is a great way
to fix up stuff for maternity wear too!

And again, a GREAT photograph of me...
doing what I really was meant to do in life...modeling!
(Please note the intense sarcasm here)
 The point is...even though I cut the pockets, you can't
even see them from behind...trust me.
It's way more comfy and a perfect length!
Still more fun to wear with the lacy under slip from yesterday!
And it's just one step up from pajamas...I am lovin' that!

 Here's some more...
these 2 were from yard sales...
the brown one had too long of a rise (maybe I'm just short)
the blue was an 3X size as well...made to fit and super comfy!

This one was $1 at a yard sale...because the elastic was old and stretched out.
I'd worn it a bunch of times by threading safety pins through it...
just praying it would stay on!
Finally fixed it by cutting off the old waistband and sewing on elastic!

 And 3 more without before pictures.
I think it's important to note that each woman has a
 different shaped body and clothes fit differently.
You just have to make things work for you!

Now, because you stuck out that post, I think you've earned my
I had made a skirt with a DRAWSTRING waistband.
I wore it to church.
I didn't realize that the drawstring came undone and
I stood up from my chair in Relief Society.
Yes, my undies were showing.
The sweet older ladies sitting behind me even snickered...
Ha ha ha!
I am glad I can laugh about that now.  Glad I was just with the
 ladies and there weren't any men around!
Also, never wore that skirt again...
should have used an elastic waistband!  :)

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Hykel said...

Awesome! I LOVE thrift store finds. You've inspired me to go shopping today.

concretenprimroses said...

I love your simple solution. I too have skirts I've neever fixed. Your afters are wonderful!

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