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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Havertys Inspration

 The thing I like most about my home, is who I share it with.
Totally true.

We are a military family and appreciate the value of being together.
We are in the middle of a hectic training schedule, which leaves little time for travel and play.
We are also a 1 car that puts the kids and me at 
HOME most of the time.

So for me it is important to feel good at home!
Part of that comes from the decor, style and placement of stuff in the home.

Adding that one perfect piece can totally change the feel of your 
room and space...and I like to change them up regularly.
Well, I just discovered a place called Havertys!
(and pictured are some of my FAVORITE things!)
It's on the main road about 20 minutes from where I live.
They've been around for 125 years...why am I just now hearing about them?
It's easy to locate the nearest store on their website.

They have fabulous and FREE Inspiration Sessions

  • Sept 15th- Now Showing (designing an entertainment space)
  • Oct 13- Seasonal Scapes (desiging for seasons)
  • Nov 10- Winter Colors (designing to incorporate winter colors)  (this is the session I plan on attending)
  • Dec 1-Finishing Touches (making that room complete)

But if you can't make it to a session, the website is PACKED 
with ideas, inspiration and ways to define your own style!

Here's what I love best...
I never knew what my design style was.
I like random, odd little things...I just didn't have a name for it.

Here's what you can do.
It's fun to browse their stuff by room or item...and when you 
are done browsing, click on the PLAN YOUR ROOM
 drop down menu on the right top.

Click on Style Quiz.
It will go through some basic questions and then tell you what you are most like!
My Style: Eclectic Cottage

Then you can learn more about the style you like and items that would fit your style!
Super cool right?

They have great options for all the spaces in your home.
A perfect blend of things to please everyone in your home and make the space yours!
For people like me, who are home bodies!

After you take the quiz, let me know in the comments what your design style is!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Havertys Furniture. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Jen said...

How fun is that?!
Here's my style:
You are a blend of Transitional & Cottage

You are self-assured, and balance passion and purpose. You are devoted to your family and friends, and enjoy entertaining at home.

You are casual and informal. You eschew anything that conveys "stuffy" and instead collect items full of charming character. While you have an interest in outdoor activities, your home is a haven.

Xayide2 said...

I got transitional eclectic:

You are self-assured, and balance passion and purpose. You are devoted to your family and friends, and enjoy entertaining at home.

You are independent with a broad range of interests. An artistic original, you are creative, intelligent and capable. You break with conformity.

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