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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Are you a NO-REPLY commenter?

Are you a NO-REPLY commenter?

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Let’s say you like a blog post...and comment on it.
And in the comment you ask a question.
Then I go to answer your question in my email by hitting “reply”...
And instead of an email address coming up...it says

That means I can't answer your question.

Now you know why I haven't responded
to some of your questions...
I'm not that guy that just wont call back!!!  :)
Maybe you don't know that your email isn’t
 linked to your blogger account.
...here’s how to check.

Log into Blogger, got to your DASHBOARD or Profile Page.
On your profile page you'll see your picture...and contact me link.
If it has the Email link...you are good!
If not

 That will take you to your Edit User Profile...The 2nd bullet there says:
Show my email address...if that is checked...you are good!

 If not, scroll down to Identity.
There's a place for your user name...email address and display name.
Make sure your email address has your correct email address in it!
If it does...you're good!
Okay, now you know how!
go check now to see if you are linked!

Some people don't want their email known to the world.
Fine.  Create a separate email account just for blogger...
Really though, there are plenty of other ways
 your email is getting passed around.

Linking to email makes it easy to enter Give-aways,
asking questions that will get answered,
and make blogging more fun!
You'll be able to interact on a 1 on 1 basis.

If you choose not to link your email...
please don't ask questions!  :)

Spread the word!
Pin it, post it, share it!
Put this button on your blog too!

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