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Monday, April 16, 2012

Not lame!

I take back my lame comment.
I am totally not lame.

So on Saturday I set out to brave this town stag, 
traveling light, unaccompanied, unaided, unassisted, 
 unattached, unattended, unescorted in
 search of yard sales.
I had a 4 pages of potentials printed out...
my gps at my side...and left home at 6:45.

I informed my husband that I would be home 
when I ran out of money or ran out of space.
The latter happened 3 1/2 hours later.
The car was so packed!  But I got tons of stuff!
 We needed a round table and chairs.
I found it.  6 chairs and a table: $20
 All these awesome picture frames: $5
 Old trunks: $1 each
Then we proceeded to work like crazy all weekend!
Can't wait to show you what we did!
I discovered something too...
my husband is way more ambitious than I am.

With that said--expect new postings 2-3 times a week!

1 comment:

Shabby chic Sandy said...

You scored! Can't wait to see your projects. What fun!

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