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Monday, January 16, 2012

DVD saving tutorial

Over Christmas break my bro-in-law shared a
valuable secret...and I am going blabbing.
If you have lots of dvd's and
your kids scratch them up like this...

you need to try:
(I am not being paid to say this.  I just wish someone showed me this years ago)
It encodes your dvd's and saves them
on your computer hard drive!
DVD files are about 2 gigs a movie, so make sure you
have plenty of space or a backup drive like me!
(disclaimer: not meant for pirating dvd's...just 
backing up current collection...wiki article here)

Install the Freeware:
Insert a dvd into drive.  Open handbrake up.
On the right hand side there is a column of  "PRESETS"
Select: Universal.
Next, in the "source" drop down menu, it should list
your dvd player and the dvd inside.
Go ahead and select the DVD you want ripped.
It will take a few minutes and scan the entire disk.
Then it will list all the segments of video on the disk.
Usually it automatically selects the largest segment,
i.e. the entire movie from opening to end credits.
Right under the source it lists the destination and file.
This is where you set where you want your file saved off.
  I save to my desktop and then transfer to
my external drive afterwards.
Select the longest timed clip and click Start!

You can view the activity window and close it
during the encode process without ill effects...
in case you wonder if it is still working...

at the bottom of the screen it will show the
progress and time remaining.
It takes much more time to encode than the
actual movie lasts...anywhere from 2-4 hours.
This is one of my New Year's resolutions...my
laptop is hard at work, day and night...


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