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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am Frugal!


Fru·gal  [froo-guhl]

1. economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful: a frugal manager.
2. entailing little expense; requiring few resources; meager; scanty: a frugal meal.

I am VERY frugal!  I am!  I take after my dad!
My motto:  "Use it up, wear it out...make it do or do without!"

So...I did our taxes and we are expecting a load for a return...
my mind went cyber shopping and here are some things I thought I would just love:
{I am totally on a "black and white damask" kick..}

This set of dishes...16 piece for $44.95
(I'd have to get 3 sets right?  $150 later...)

Thought some cool bedding would be fun...
maybe too teenagerish for my husband,
but he's gone for a while...
($109.00 for this set)
 ($55 for this reversible comforter and shams)

after thinking about it, I realized once again, that I am
much too frugal to buy new silly home accessories.  
(Really, I mean, the most I have ever spent even on jeans 
was $15 and that was in high school...the most floosy time of life!)
Instead the kids and I went to the DI today for some fun!
Check this out!

I found these awesome dishes!  75 cents each, so I splurged at $3.00
They are totally rad!  I had to work that roller cart as soon as they brought it out to get these!
This guy was not going to let me in to get them...he totally stuck his butt in my way! 
I prevailed!
They fill in for that sort of boho damask print idea...
plus--they are a curved square!  I love that!
These are plastic polka dotted square plates...4 large, 3 small and 1 bowl...?
(these came in at a whopping $1.00)
Fills in for the craving of black and white...plus the kids can use them!
Low and Behold, one bowl from the original set I wanted!
It will have to suffice until I find more at ridiculous prices!
And sweet victory!
Remember this post?
I had found a glass dome at the DI and didn't buy it!  Ahhh!
When I got home, I so wished I had...
Well today, I scored!
There this little guy was on the rolling cart, I snagged it as the cart whizzed by me!
Yay! ($1.50)
I even had the stand all made and ready for whenever I found one!

As for the Black and White damask bed?
Well, my kids are always on the bed, and I didn't want to risk junking up a new comforter...
so I am sticking with my old black one...
and then I dug through the fabric and found
anything black and white to make pillow cases!

There are 3 pillow cases done, and one darling, sweaty baby boy!

This checkered one was the most labor intensive...
I even used some black piping I had on hand.
I used my satiny black to make the backing, edging and the black squares...
I think this Hawaiian print was a skirt or something at one point!
I bought the square pillow for $3 at the DI, it is 24" square and down!

The body pillow got some material that I paid $1.00
for like 5 years ago and never used!
Yay for being frugal!
And the other floral was some remnants I found at
the fabric store...probably around $3....

to recap my frugality:
Kitchen makeover: $6.50
Bedroom makover: $7.00

You get the idea...$100's of savings!
Hey, I have more time than I want to spend money!


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