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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Danny's date night with mom!

I decided that Danny (8) and Hailee (6) should each get 
a special night with mom once a week...at least while dad is gone!
The other children have to go to bed at 10...and 
they get to stay up until 11 doing something they chose with mom!  
We plan Tuesday nights being Danny's night and
Thursday nights being Hailee's night.  
So, tonight was Daniel's night.
He wanted to make a patchy looking pillowcase!
Way easy and fun!
I let him pick all the material...and we had 3 huge
patches for him to put on the front.
I started off really helping him get the hang of it.
Explaining the process and how to make 
sure you are sewing the pieces right.
Then, I let him take the wheel and he really did great!
Most of it he did himself!
I sewed on the patches, did the seams
on the edges and the cuff trim.
Time from start to finish: 10:08 to 11:23
(kissing him in bed for the night)
Time includes all picking of material and 
documenting the process!
I had a blast with him!
Here is the finished piece!
I love the random pattern and unmatchyness!  
I can never be this random--maybe I try too hard!

Front side for the awesomeness and decorativeness!
Back side for the comfort of sleeping on!
2 layers of memory foam added to his wee pillow I 
think will help his transition into manhood!  :)
 Lovin' it!

Thanks for checking us out today!

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